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Video: Democrat Nadler lashes out at President Trump as 'a dictator' in speech dripping with hypocrisy


What about Obama and Biden?

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After what seemed like three interminable days of opening remarks from Democrats in the impeachment trial, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) lost his mind and lashed out at President Donald Trump as "a dictator" in his closing remarks before his Senate colleagues.

Nadler accused Trump of declaring himself "unaccountable" to the Congress and wanting to be "all powerful."

"He does not have to respect the Congress. He does not have to respect the representatives of the people. He is a dictator. This must not stand and this is another reason why he must be removed from office," Nadler said, visibly trembling, as he concluded his remarks.

Nadler is referring to Trump administration officials not complying with House subpoenas that the White House claims are unconstitutional, but his comments are misleading and ignore that members of his own party have also refused to comply with congressional requests for documents and testimonies.

Nadler fudged the truth

The congressman from New York fudged historical facts by saying Trump "is an outlier" as the "first and only president to declare himself unaccountable and ignore subpoenas backed by the Constitution's impeachment power."

This is not true. Richard Nixon openly defied congressional subpoenas in the Watergate investigation, even after courts ruled he had to comply with House investigators' demands for documents and tapes. Conversely, Trump appealed the Democrats' subpoena requests to the courts and House Democrats impeached him for "obstruction of Congress" even before the Judiciary ruled on the matter.

We don't have to go as far back as the 1970s. When congressional leaders subpoenaed documents from the Obama administration pertaining to the Fast and Furious scandal, just as Trump did with the Democrats' Ukraine investigation, Obama claimed he had executive privilege and refused to hand them over. The matter was not resolved in the courts until last year.

What about Biden?

By Nadler's standards, Joe Biden would also be considered "a dictator."

When the former vice president was asked by the Des Moines Register last month if he would appear before the Senate if subpoenaed, Biden said he would not, as his presence would only "[t]ake the focus off" Trump.

"You guys are going to cover for three weeks anything that I said. And (Trump's) going to get away. You guys buy into it all the time. Not a joke … Think what it's about. It's all about what he does all the time, his entire career. Take the focus off. This guy violated the Constitution. He said it in the driveway of the White House. He acknowledged he asked for help," he said.

Just this week, Biden doubled-down on his refusal to testify before the Senate. "They are trying to turn it into political theater," he said. "But I want no part of being any part of that."

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