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New poll has bad news for Democrats' impeachment hopes after Mueller testimony


It did not go as Democrats hoped

Alex Wong/Getty Images

If Democrats thought forcing ex-special counsel Robert Mueller to publicly testify about his investigation last week would create a groundswell of support for impeachment, then a new poll released Sunday shows they made a severe miscalculation.

According to the ABC News/Ipsos poll, the opinion of most Americans regarding impeachment remains unchanged after Mueller's testimony before the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees.

Overall, 27 percent of respondents who read, saw, or heard Mueller's testimony said they are now more likely to support impeachment, while 26 percent said they are less likely. Meanwhile, 47 percent of respondents told ABC/Ipsos Mueller's testimony made no difference.

Results among partisans were as expected: Democrats said Mueller's testimony increased their support for impeachment, while Republicans said it made them less likely to support impeachment.

However, the real picture was painted among Independents.

Only 26 percent of Independents said the hearings made them more likely to support impeachment, while 29 percent said it made them less likely to support impeaching President Donald Trump. Forty-five percent said Mueller's testimony did not sway them one way or the other.

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