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NFL player cut from team for melting down, threatening to kill Twitter users after a loss


'Imma kill you b****'

Jermaine Whitehead of the Cleveland Browns. (2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

A Cleveland Browns player went on a vulgar Twitter tirade after a loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, the team's fourth loss in a row. The team took notice of the violent and threatening language, and cut the player from the team, KFVS-TV reported.

Safety Jermaine Whitehead was frustrated after another loss, and took out those frustrations on critics, fans, and even members of the media.

"Don't get shot at lil b****," Whitehead wrote to one user who criticized his performance on the field. "Can you whoop my ass...f*** football...let me know when you need the address."

When one user said "give me a time and a place" in response to a challenge to fight by Whitehead, the player obliged by posting his address.

"80 Lou Groza Blvd Berea OH 44017, any f***in day of the week???" Whitehead wrote. "CRACKER."

To another user, the 26-year-old Whitehead went all the way.

"Imma kill you lil b****," Whitehead wrote. "That's on blood."

Whitehead also threatened an ESPN analyst who covers college football and the Browns who called Whitehead's tackling a "joke."

"Come get it in blood little b**** made ass lil boy," Whitehead wrote. "I'm out there with a broke hand...don't get smoked f*** ass cracker."

Whitehead apologized for his tweets, but only after he had already been released by the team.

"I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my actions following our game with Denver," Whitehead wrote in an Instagram post. "That was totally out of character for me. I do not justify my actions, but was extremely frustrated with the way I had played and our team losing because of it. I was playing with a broken hand, but that is no excuse for my actions, and I am deeply regretful. I want to personally apologize to anyone who I offended, especially those who I was responsive to on Twitter. My choice of words did not reflect who I am, but only what I was feeling. Also, my sincerest apologies to my teammates, coaches, the Browns organization and most of all, the fans and kids that motivate me to even pursue this dream. Again I am deeply sorry for my unacceptable behavior, and I wish the Browns the best of luck in the future. I love you!"

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