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Non-binary elementary teacher says it's enjoyable to confuse students about gender identity: 'Wondering what they're going to do when I have the mustache AND a skirt'

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

A Louisiana elementary school music teacher is facing backlash from concerned parents after sharing a post on Facebook last month expressing enjoyment over confusing students about gender identity, Fox News Digital reported.

Blaine Banghart, a non-binary teacher at an elementary school in the Caddo Parish district in Shreveport, took to social media to explain how students are confused about the teacher's gender identity. Instead of referring to the educator as Mr. or Ms., students address the music teacher as Mx. Banghart.

On November 7, Banghart wrote on Facebook, "I'm not allowed to tell kids I'm trans or non-binary or that I'm not a girl. I showed up today with a new haircut and presenting much more masc than usual. The kids are all confused and asking why I have a mustache if I'm a girl, if I'm Mr. Banghart now, why am I trying to look like a boy, etc."

"I'm just ignoring questions/redirecting so I don't get in trouble," the teacher continued. "Though some of the reactions are hurtful (I'm not mad- they're kids and don't mean harm), I'm mostly just enjoying all the confusion about 'what' I am. Wondering what they're going to do when I have the mustache AND a skirt later this week lol."

A Twitter account called Inside the Classroom shared the teacher's Facebook post and another post by Banghart about using an individual's preferred adjectives.

"I just had a parent ask me my preferred adjectives because she wanted to comment on one of my photos, but she wanted to use words that I liked hearing for myself," Banghart explained in a social media video.

"That's the kind of allyship that I need," the teacher added.

During a March Caddo Parish School Board meeting, parents discussed concerns about Banghart's attire and behavior at school following a video posted to social media by the teacher. In the video, Banghart expressed frustration regarding the school's restriction on talking to students about identifying as transgender or non-binary.

Keith Hanson, chief technology officer for Shreveport, spoke in Banghart's defense during the meeting.

"I have never spoken here as a citizen or parent of a student, but I am here today because this is important to me, my family and, most importantly, to her," Hanson said, referring to Banghart. "Let everyone see on public record that there are good people here ready to defend other good people from vile, bigoted hate."

Caddo Parish Public Schools did not reply to a request for comment, Fox News Digital reported.

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