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Nonbinary teacher complains about people failing to use they/them pronouns in emails: 'I got really, really tired of people using the wrong pronouns'

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Libs of TikTok, which specializes in reposting videos of leftists spewing radical ideology, has shared a video in which an individual who uses they/them pronouns expresses frustration about people failing to utilize their desired pronouns.

The video appears to have been posted on TikTok last year by an individual named Mx. Lane Cogdill — Cogdill's description on TikTok includes the terms "nonbinary" and "pan/bi," and also says "alternative teacher."

"So last week I got really, really tired of people using the wrong pronouns ... in emails, um, despite how many times I've explained it to everyone I work with" as well as "everyone I know," Cogdill said.

"I've had Mx. Lane Cogdill in my email signature in like 24-point font for the past like three years and pronouns they/them right underneath it in like 20-point font for the past like three years," Cogdill said, adding that "it's in bright purple and you just can't miss it. Besides that, I have a hard time believing with everything I've already been through that anybody really doesn't know my pronouns."

Cogdill then went on to report having added a link into the email signature that directs to a webpage about how to utilize the pronouns.

Cogdill's TikTok post contained several hashtags, some of which included, "#nonbinarypride," #teachersoftiktok," "#lgbtqteacher," and "#protecttranskids."

Cultural debate continues to rage over issues related to radical leftist gender ideology, and Libs of TikTok frequently posts content related to the topic.

"This is the definition of first world problems," one person wrote in response to the Libs of TikTok tweet that included Cogdill's video.

"So, so, so annoying," someone else tweeted.

"The utter Arrogance of them expecting us to do exactly as they say. Who they hell do they think they are? Oh & THEY/THEM is Plural," another tweet declared.

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