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New York Times cancels editor's contract after outrage over one tweet about Joe Biden


Canceled over a Biden tweet

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The New York Times fired an editor after one tweet she posted that appeared to express joy and excitement over the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali reported that two sources confirmed Friday that the Times had cancelled Lauren Wolfe's contract after an outpouring of ridicule over her tweet.

On Tuesday, Wolfe tweeted that she had chills from seeing the landing of Biden's plane in Maryland ahead of his inauguration.

Image Source: Twitter screenshot

In a second tweet, she falsely accused the former Trump administration of refusing to send a military plane to bring Biden to the capital.

"The pettiness of the Trump admin for not sending a military plane to bring him to DC as is tradition is mortifying. Childish," she tweeted.

She later deleted that tweet after being informed that Biden had indeed been offered a military plane but refused it in favor of a private flight.

Wolfe then defended her "chills" tweet from her critics by claiming that she had meant to express her awe at the history of the moment.

"I'm shocked that you all don't feel the importance. Such historical events are deeply moving and thrilling. This attempt to s**t on me is nothing more than shortsighted presumption," she responded to one critic.

"So a bunch of people think me being excited for the transfer of power tomorrow is somehow disgusting/idiotic/against journalism. It's a shame. We should all be interested on historical moments," she added in another tweet.

In another tweet, she asked, "I have to wonder: Is there some gross organizing to come after journalists they think are not objective?"

After an outpouring of mockery and outrage, Wolfe deleted more of her tweets, and then completely deactivated her account on the social media platform.

Many saw the tweet as the latest example of the double standard from the mainstream media in relation to Republicans and Democrats.

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