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Sex education curriculum at a California school district – including 'genderbread man' – taught to thousands of children in the state

Photo by Luis Soto/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

A California school district's sex education curriculum includes a "Genderbread Identity" infographic to facilitate gender conversations with middle and high school students, Fox News Digital reported on Tuesday.

A public records request revealed that Newport-Mesa Unified School District purchased the program "Teen Talk" by Health Connected. This curriculum was taught to thousands of students in California.

Health Connected offers two Teen Talk editions – one for middle school students aged 12 to 14 and another curriculum for high school students aged 14 to 18. Both versions promote "gender inclusive language."

Included in the Teen Talk program was an image of a "Genderbread person" used to facilitate discussions about gender identity. The illustration included a heart labeled as "attraction" and a brain labeled as "gender." The heart represented various sexual orientations, and the brain represented gender identity.

A video was also included with the Teen Talk program, which followed two transitioning teenagers discussing "what it is like to be trans in high school."

"Teen Talk is typical of the many harmful Planned Parenthood-inspired [comprehensive sexual education] programs that we have analyzed and scored 15 out of 15 for harmful CSE elements when analyzed using our 15 Harmful CSE Elements Analysis Tool," Sharon Slater from Family Watch International, a watchdog organization, told Fox News Digital.

Slater explained that the content in the lessons is labeled as an exercise meant to help children clarify their values. However, she argues that its actual purpose is to "deconstruct children's values."

Stop Comprehensive Sex Education, another watchdog organization, told the news outlet that the Teen Talk curriculum "normalized child sex or desensitizes children to sexual things [and may] give examples of children having sex or imply many of their peers are sexually active."

"Genderbread person" has been around for several years and was created as a free teaching tool to discuss gender identity. In March, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the diagram stating that it was trying to sow doubt in children about their gender identity. "Parents do not want this going on in their schools," he stated.

It is not the first time woke culture has used gingerbread men to promote gender politics. In 2019, Target released a "Gender Inclusive Gingerbread Sweater."

Fox News Digital reported that it reached out to Teen Talk for comment but did not receive a response.

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