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'They're always watching': Analyst Stephen A Smith warns suspended player that NBA has FBI connections

Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal/Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Popular reporter and analyst Stephen A. Smith warned NBA All-Star Ja Morant, who was recently suspended for showing a gun in a social media post, that the NBA has connections with the FBI.

Morant will sit at least two games for showing off a firearm in a very short video clip, allegedly filmed while he was in a night club, posted to his social media.

"I take full responsibility for my actions... I'm going to take some time away to get help," Morant said in a statement.

Fox News reports that Smith, the long-time basketball critic, is warning Morant to be conscious of his actions and the company he keeps. Drawing comparisons to former player Allen Iverson, who was jailed at 17 years old before having an outstanding professional career, Smith cautioned the Memphis Grizzlies player about the NBA's connections that allow the league to monitor his activities.

"You are a superstar. You are 23 years old. You got a deal that kicks in next year that could exceed $231 million over the next five years and on this show on national television there’s you associated with police," Smith said.

"Think about that for a second and then ask yourself, ‘Is it really, really worth it?’ You know the answer to that, bro. It’s not worth it," he added.

Morant's contract is currently valued at $192,850,000, according to Boardroom.tv, with an annual salary of $38,570,000. His contract could increase in value to a maximum of $231,000,000 if the player meets certain benchmarks.

"You’re a superstar basketball player. You represent your organization, you represent your family, you represent your city, you got to be mindful of all of that. It’s never off. And so many times we don’t tell these players this," Smith continued.

"The NBA has off-duty police officers. They got connections with the FBI. They got connections with everybody. The NBA knows what you’re doing. They know who you’re doing it with. They know where you are. They know how you’re conducting yourself at all times," the analyst commented, before warning, "[D]on't think they're not watching. They're always watching."

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