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Substitute teacher loses job after labeling students 'angels' and 'devils.' Social media instantly says the list was racist.


Clearly there were not literal angels or devils in the classroom

Image source: WAGA-TV video screenshot

A Georgia school district fired one of its substitute teachers after she made a list separating the children into groups labeled "angels" or "devils."

What are the details?

Students at Awtrey Middle School in Kennesaw, Georgia, reportedly discovered the list, which was drafted by the unnamed substitute teacher.

The list reportedly made it to social media, where many parents insisted that the list was racially motivated.

One parent expressed her dismay at the list in remarks to WAGA-TV.

"He does like to talk in class, but in no way would I consider him a 'devil' by any stretch of the imagination," Kim Fosdick said of her son, a student in the class. Fosdick was so angry that she contacted the district to report the incident.

Fosdick shot down the reports of racism, however, and said, "There were children of all races on both lists."

A statement from the Cobb County School District said:

A substitute teacher was fired after school administration was made aware that the substitute composed two lists, one titled "angels" and the other titled "devils." Despite what circulated on social media, the names of black and white students appeared in both columns. The District doesn't tolerate any adult we employ making comments which are disrespectful in any way.

What else?

According to the outlet, at least one parent on Facebook wrote, "And please, if you're reading this ... don't say how you're sorry this happened to my son who is a straight A student, comes from a two-parent household and flies planes in his spare time. Instead, think about how you can remove your unconscious bias and racist motives before you step out of your home and engage with anyone who doesn't look like you."

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