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Tucker Carlson calls Mexico a 'hostile power' while debating a Mexican official over immigration


'Mexico is...seeking to undermine our country and sovereignty'

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemned Mexico as a 'hostile power' for its handling of illegal immigration during an interview with Juan Hernandez, secretary of migrant and foreign affairs for the state of Guanajuato.

What were they debating? Carlson took the stance that Mexico is hypocritical to criticize or resist a potential U.S. move to close the border to stop illegal immigration, considering Mexico doesn't even allow Central American illegal immigrants to reside in the country long term.

Hernandez claimed that most of the immigrants were "good people" who were "looking for a better life."

Carlson rebutted, "Why not let them stay forever? But remain Guatemalan and Hondurans ... Why would that be bad? Why are you kicking them out after a year?"

How the debate escalated: Throughout the interview Carlson seemed to grow increasingly frustrated with Hernandez's claims about illegal immigration and Mexico's enforcement.

"Mexico is a hostile power that is seeking to undermine our country and sovereignty," Carlson said. Earlier in the interview, Carlson cited a 15-year-old comment from Hernandez that Mexican citizens residing in Mexico and those living in the United States represented a "united nation."

The source of Carlson's frustration appeared to be the fact that Hernandez avoided multiple times answering Carlson's question about why Central Americans who enter Mexico illegally are only allowed to stay for a year, if they're just good people who want to work.

Hernandez changed the subject to claim that Mexico deports more people to Central America than the United States does, to which Carlson asked again: If they're such good people, why are they being deported in large numbers?

Eventually Carlson had enough and ended the interview abruptly.

"It's nauseating, you're not doing the right thing, now I'm getting mad, I'm going to stop this," Carlson said.

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Tucker to Mexican official: Why aren't you stopping migrants?

(H/T Newsweek)

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