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Daily Wire president suspended from Twitter — over Brussels sprouts


This is incredible — and not in a good kind of way

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Twitter temporarily suspended Jeremy Boreing — Ben Shapiro's business partner — for what the social media giant said was encouraging behavior of self-harm ... against fellow Daily Wire reporter Emily Zanotti.

... Sorry, what?

According to Zanotti, Boreing tweeted about the Daily Wire reporter's recipe for Brussels sprouts.

Zanotti shared the recipe with her Twitter followers several days ago.

Clearly disgusted by the presentation of Brussels sprouts in any form or fashion, Boreing jokingly quipped, "Even better, coat with melted butter, salt, pepper, paprika, and a dash of Worcestershire, sear in cast iron in bacon grease for thirty seconds or until brown, then throw them away and burn your face off with the hot pan because even that would be better than Brussels sprouts."

That's when things escalated, and Twitter suspended Boreing for violence.

In the suspension notice, Twitter pointed out that Boreing had violated its policy against "encouraging self-harm" and suggested that the Daily Wire president visit Twitter's time-out corner "safety center," where he could regain control of himself during his suspension.

Twitter's notice concluded, "[P]lease know that there are people out there who care about you, and that you are not alone."

Boreing's suspension has since ended, and he has returned to Twitter.

On Thursday, he wrote, "From Avalon-in-the-West, I have returned. Upon appeal, my joke about not eating leafy green vegetables was determined to be a joke about not eating leafy green vegetables. Thanks for the kindness, all. And thanks for the quick correction, @jack. Now, about that blue check mark ..."

What did Shapiro say?

In a series of his own tweets, Shapiro wrote, "This is legitimately the most insane Twitter suspension I have ever heard of. My business partner, @JeremyDBoreing, was just suspended for 12 hours for this tweet."

"Why?" he asked, "Because it was supposedly 'promoting or encouraging self-harm.' IT'S A JOKE ABOUT BRUSSELS SPROUTS. WTF @jack."

Shapiro went on and added, "Here's likely what happened: some motivated moron decided to flag the tweet and send it to Twitter, and Twitter, doing their typical bang-up job of banning conservatives before asking why, just hit the suspend button without a second thought.

"For me," he continued, "I'm just happy that Twitter stepped in to prevent what surely would have been a spate of suicide attempts from people attempting to BURN OFF THEIR OWN FACES WITH FRYING PANS."

Shapiro added, "For those who are considering suicide by hot frying pan after cooking brussels sprouts, remember — you matter. Your life matters. Call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255."

He concluded, "BTW, @TwitterSupport, if you want to save lives, you may want to fix this idiotic suspension quickly before we all die of laughter."

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