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'Unplanned' star obliterates Alyssa Milano on Georgia's 'Heartbeat Bill': 'We care just as much about being pro-life as pro-film'


'[Georgia] won't be bowing down to Hollywood anytime soon'

'Unplanned' star Ashley Bratcher. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Ashley Bratcher, star of the recently-released anti-abortion movie "Unplanned," wrote a response to actress Alyssa Milano after Milano suggested that Hollywood might boycott Georgia over a bill banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Bratcher, who plays former Planned Parenthood executive turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson in the movie, was nearly aborted herself and resides in Georgia, so she has some strong feelings on the topic.

"Well Alyssa, let me make something very clear to you," Bratcher wrote. "In Georgia, we care just as much about being pro-life as being pro-film. We don't believe in putting a price tag on the value of a human life. Our brave leaders have stepped up to say enough is enough, we will no longer sit idly by as innocent lives are taken by the thousands each day."

What started this? Georgia lawmakers will vote soon on House Bill 481, which has become known as the "Heartbeat Bill" because it would ban all abortions after a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat in the womb. Gov. Brian Kemp (R) said he will sign it if it reaches his desk.

Milano attacked the bill as "the most anti-woman bill of its kind in the country" in a guest column for Deadline Hollywood, and suggested that if the bill passes, Georgia could lose some of the many film and television projects that boost its economy.

"To Georgia's leaders: You have worked hard to showcase your state and bring in filming projects that have had a multiplier impact on your state's economy, but these projects are not a given," Milano wrote. "I urge you to think hard before making Georgia a state that is not welcoming of women. I urge you to defeat HB 481 and continue to be "The Hollywood of the South."

More of Bratcher's response: Bratcher made it clear that Georgia has no desire to become like Hollywood.

"You hail Georgia as the "Hollywood of the South" but you should know, it's pretty evident that Georgia has its own identity and that it won't be bowing down to Hollywood anytime soon," Bratcher wrote. "The glitz and glamour has lost its appeal and America is watching. How sad it is that tax credits are a more important topic than the sanctity of human life."

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