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Watch: Elizabeth Warren refuses to shake hands with Bernie Sanders in tense post-debate exchange


Things got testy between the two on Tuesday night

Image source: CNN video screenshot

A dispute between Democratic presidential candidates and longtime friends Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) became a focus of the Democratic National Committee's primary debate Tuesday night, and post-debate footage shows Warren refusing the offer of a handshake from Sanders before the two appeared to engage in a tense private exchange on stage.

What are the details?

The Daily Caller posted video on Twitter following the debate with the message, "Warren refuses to shake Bernie's hand" with a bunch of eyeball emojis.

In the clip, Warren is seen brushing past fellow candidate Joe Biden to approach Sanders as Sanders reaches out to offer a handshake.

Warren was already talking to Sanders when she rebuffed his extended hand with a quick clenching of her fist before she clasped both of her hands together as the two carried on what appeared to be an uncomfortable conversation ending with Sanders turning and walking away.

What's the background?

During the debate, CNN moderators brought up a disputed report from the outlet that Sanders allegedly told Warren during a December 2018 private meeting that a woman could not win in 2020. Sanders denied the allegation both before and during the debate but the moderators carried on as if it were true, drawing criticism online from both sides of the political aisle.

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