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WTF MSM!? CNN’s Brian Stelter has second thoughts on wall-to-wall ‘Sharpiegate’ coverage


Americans just don't care …

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Helping the president? …

Last week, President Donald Trump tweeted that Alabama might be hit by Hurricane Dorian. The media immediately pounced, as the forecast had been updated and Alabama, at the time of the tweet, looked to be out of danger. This caused a back-and-forth with the media that continued for a week.

On Sunday, CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter began to wonder if in fact Trump, once again, was helped by the coverage that he so gleefully cheered on.

But lest you think Stelter actually implied Trump was "winning," let's look a little closer at what Stelter was really saying. Staying true to his core belief that Trump poses a singular threat to the nation, Stelter implored his media brethren to be more forceful when reporting on Trump.

Stelter said:

But this is how language helps Trump. "Doubling down", it sounds strong, like he's winning a fight, but this mess really just exposed his weakness. So, instead of double down, we should probably be saying, "he dug his hole even deeper." Or, what if the lead of his story said, "Trump continued to confuse people spreading bogus information"? That would be a lot more accurate than saying "Sharpiegate day six."
In his rant, Stelter used a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) map from the time of President Trump's tweet, but left out the other portion of the NOAA's advisory that showed there was a 10 percent chance that parts of southeast Alabama might get tropical storm-force winds.

Stelter's right: Coverage of this ridiculously minor incident is helping Trump. He's wrong in thinking that if the media would just reframe the way they talk about things like this, it would hurt him.

The public doesn't care about the daily back-and-forth. People care about jobs and the strong economy. Maybe that's why Stelter's CNN colleague Don Lemon implored African American voters to ignore the booming economy.

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