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Santa’s stocked up on coal for the media this Christmas


He's got a list, and he's checked it twice.

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There's a silver lining to the climate alarmists' war on coal. It means there's a lot more for Santa to deliver to the members of the mainstream media who have obfuscated, lied, and been downright biased all year.

Yes, the media have been biased and full of fake news for decades, but as its Russian collusion hoax fell apart and it continued to willfully obfuscate Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election, the media kicked it up a million notches.

As I shared Monday, the Intercept's Glenn Greenwald showed just how dishonest the media have been regarding the FISA abuse story. Instead of being aghast at the erosion of constitutional rights the investigation into President Donald Trump was littered with, the media reveled in it and, even after shown how bad it was by the inspector general, kept on cheering and attacking Trump.

Then there is the protection of the Democratic Party and its relationship with the government of Ukraine during the 2016 election. As people like journalist John Solomon and BlazeTV's Glenn Beck uncovered evidence of serious misdeeds by the Obama administration and Democrats, the media continued to obfuscate and call it an unfounded conspiracy theory.

Those are just some of the daily biases the propaganda wing of the left has proffered this year. You aren't imagining things: The media are getting more biased by the day.

Santa Claus knows all and sees all. So he knows just who's been naughty. And in 2019, nobody's been naughtier than the media. That black trail you'll see in the sky is just Santa, on his way to the homes of mainstream journalists, dropping off their sacks of coal for Christmas.

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