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WaPo: ‘Nobody cared’ about Ricky Gervais’ scathing monologue


Not the best hot take

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Washington Post TV critic Hank Stuever proved once again that coastal elitists don't get America. After comedian Ricky Gervais' scathing Golden Globes monologue that tore apart Hollywood hypocrisy, Stuever wrote that the speech was "hardly the provocative scorching that Gervais promised with his return." The title screamed, "Nobody cared."

Never has a hot take been so cold.

Stuever focused on some of Gervais' opening material, like the joke about Leonardo DiCaprio's penchant for much younger women and the "Cats" movie. But even in that, Stuever leaves out the devastating punch line about Prince Andrew and his affiliation with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

He then made a passing reference to Gervais ripping apart the industry in general as self-absorbed and more interested in making a buck than the causes they pretend to care about. These attacks, like Apple running "sweatshops in China," resonated with millions of Americans. People who know Hollywood is littered with hypocritical gasbags ate these comments up.

Elitists like those who work for the Post just don't understand because they are part of the celebrity culture that Gervais was attacking.

Gervais was provocative. He put his own career on the line Sunday night. And millions of people cared.

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