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Teen Vogue writer claims her journalism club is trying to trademark ‘Fake News’ to stop President Trump from using it


'Being a journalist is scary'

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Just when you thought the media couldn't jump over more sharks, Teen Vogue writer Emily Bloch enters the room. On Tuesday, Bloch penned a column explaining how her local Society of Professional Journalists chapter is trying to trademark the phrase "fake news" to stop President Donald Trump from using it.

Bloch explains why she and her comrades are doing this:

Here's a tip for the commander in chief: Just because you don't like a piece of information or it makes you look bad, doesn't mean you get to call it fake. President Donald Trump using the term "fake news" so freely is something my colleagues and I find really troubling. And it's not just the nature of Trump's use of the term; it's the volume too. According to Factba.se, a site launched to track the president's public comments, Trump has referenced the term over 1,200 times since he took office, making for an average of more than once a day.

Like OMG, he's called the media that pushes false narratives, tells one side of a story, and generally is antagonistic toward him "fake" more than once a day. Quelle horreur!

Her journalism club even made a video explaining themselves.

Fake NewsTM www.youtube.com

Such brave members of the Resistance.

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