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Commentary: President Trump's march to St. John's Church was a necessary show of strength


Our leaders could learn from it

President Donald Trump returns to the White House after posing with a bible outside St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C., on Monday. (Shawn Thew/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Of course Donald Trump's march across the street to the boarded up and smoldering St. John's Church was performance art.

Of. Course. It. Was.


It worked. Now we've got New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo going gangsta on fellow Democrat New York Mayor Bill de Blasio because "the NYPD and the mayor did not do their job" to control the raping and pillaging of the Big Apple.

Let's do the math. Trump said he would act swiftly and vigorously with God as his witness, and then polling came out that said 58% of Americans would approve of such a move. Thus, it looks like Gov. Cuomo can add one plus one equals "defend innocent people and property or else," too.

It's as if Trump heard the ghost of Margaret Thatcher a few nights ago when she told George H.W. Bush that it was "no time to go wobbly." When you go on offense and show strength, it means it's far more likely that others will be the ones who have to choose whether to get out of the way or get run over.

Which also applies to the protesters who were "moved" by Secret Service agents in order for Trump to take his walk across the street to St. John's. Because if the president of the United States, whether it be the orange man or Barack Obama, wants to take a stroll to address the nation, then that means a mob that refuses to get out of his way might not best be labeled as "peaceful." Therefore, perhaps some smoke canisters and a rubber bullet or two could help persuade them to get the point.

Truly, my only regret in all this is that when he pulled out that Bible, he didn't say "Now let us read from Romans 1." As it was, the very image of Trump merely holding the good book had CNN's progressive faces melting off like the Ark of the Covenant had been opened in front of them Indiana Jones-style. I mean, I've seen vampires run from crucifixes less fast than Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper ran away from all reason and decency because of what was instantly talking-pointed as the "photo op."

Hey CNN, your entire operation is a lesson in propaganda-laden photo ops. Choke on it.

For not only was what Trump did more on target for dealing with the situation at hand than his mindless tweeting about polling numbers from the day before, but it is far less vexing in terms of pushing the boundaries of Washington, D.C., decorum than the FBI spamming out LGBT sweet nothings after a failed coup attempt.

With nearly every single public and private American institution in some version of existential crisis or hijacking right now, we need more Bible moments, not less. So here's my advice for all the virtue signalers on both the right and the left who are breathlessly calling Trump's theatrics inappropriate:

Fine. Get off your ass and do it yourself then.

For it is only because you have left the lion locked in its cage for so long that Trump could even hope to become president in the first place. Have you learned nothing?

So keep your foot on the gas, Mr. President. And maybe, just maybe, enough damned fools will wake up and stand a post for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness before there isn't a country left to save any longer.

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