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Deace: Confront the cult of woke progressivism with extreme prejudice and ridicule

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At first I thought Christopher Rufo might be a new alias the Babylon Bee was using.

But no, the senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute was on Tucker Carlson recently talking about his investigation of woke-cult indoctrination at Lockheed Martin, the nation's largest defense contractor apparently making a — ahem — transition into clown college.

I never want my initial instinct to go away, though. You see, when I'm told that a consulting firm called White Men As Full Diversity Partners held a multi-day seminar for its senior white male leadership (including former military brass) to cure them of their so-called white male and heterosexual privilege, I simply need to believe at a core level deep in my soul that it is all preposterously stupid fiction.

How can this be real? How did anyone resembling the male half of the human species — let alone connected to the business of killing that is, in fact, the military — actually sit through nonsense like repeating "heterosexual privilege statements" such as "I can have friendships with or work around children without being accused of recruiting or molesting them"? How?

Because the only appropriate masculine reaction to any organization with the title White Men As Full Diversity Partners is to launch it into the sun. Yet here we are, with Rufo forced into the role of Isaiah confronting a willfully decadent and gutless people with the question of "where would you yet be struck, you impossible dumbasses?" (slight paraphrase, Deace Reformed Edition).

The cult of woke progressivism is now embedded in our culture in every sector at all the highest levels of leadership. And it is a deal breaker when it comes to the ultimate continuation of the American story. Post COVID, normal can't be returned to if the story Rufo uncovered is allowed to persist. So there simply is no choice at this point but to confront examples like it — and they are legion — with the mocking ridicule and severe prejudice they have fully earned and deserve.

To that end, needless to say, I'm happy to do my part right in my own backyard of Des Moines, Iowa. That's where woke cult fanatic Sam Eathington, Ph.D., serves as senior vice president and chief technology officer of Corteva Agriscience and its 21,000 supplicants…err…I mean employees. To some of whom he recently sent the following fatwa:

Team — In several of our recent meetings, I've noticed a disturbing pattern emerging in some of the submitted questions. These questions, while they take different forms, are linked with a common theme: the idea that equity — and our work in (Inclusion, Diversity & Equity) — is unfair and not appropriate for a science-based organization. I want to be clear: these questions and the assumptions behind them are rooted in systemic bias. We hire, promote, and advance the most talented people in our organization regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor that may have historically been used to hinder career development. Diversity enriches and strengthens our organization and should be something to strive for, not resist. I'm happy to discuss. If you have any questions about our ID&E strategy, commitments, or mindsets in R&D — please reach out.

Go team! Where are my sulfur pompoms? In the name of science, please abandon your disturbing pattern of critical thinking and dutifully acknowledge that you are a bigot who needs to stay in your lane, lest you suffer the punishment of blasphemers and heretics. And if you'd like to single yourself out further, Dear Leader Sam would love to talk about this more with you so you can be reassigned for "mindset" re-education. For your own good, of course.

By all means, reach out! For the Kool-Aid. Drink it deep. Or else.

White Men As Full Diversity Partners would be proud of the work Sam Eathington is doing. Which is why he should be fired and driven out of Iowa as soon as possible. He is an actual danger to both science and the fundamental well-being of his fellow man. Laugh at him when you see him, and make sure he knows the utter fool he has become. Encourage him to pack his bags and stand a proud pronoun post in Portland, Oregon, if he refuses to relent in his obvious war against reality, sanity, and decency.

Tell all everywhere who peddle this debased propaganda to go to Hell, because that's exactly where it came from anyway.

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