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Horowitz: If only Republicans loved America as much as they love Ukraine

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We’ve had a revolution in this country for the past two years, in which constitutional and even human rights were suspended. To this day, a clot shot is being imposed on our soldiers in the military. Yet senators like Ben Sasse were dead silent as if in quarantine for two years. I didn’t even know some of them were still in Washington. We also have cartels killing Americans by sending over unfathomable quantities of deadly poison and criminal aliens. Yet crickets. But the minute Ukraine comes into the news, there is no amount of money and arms that is too much to bestow upon the country. Their only criticism of Biden is that he’s not sending enough aid quickly enough.

Oh, and inflation is just a figment of your imagination. So not only do they love Ukrainians more than Americans, they are actually increasing inflation with more printed money, plus prolonging a stalemate war that will result in more supply chain shortages and dead civilians.

After giving $13.6 billion to Ukraine, Congress nearly unanimously passed a lend-lease program to essentially lend any weapon aside from nuclear weapons to the dubious Ukrainian military, which is mixed with prominent neo-Nazi forces. But that wasn’t enough. Biden submitted a $33 billion weapons and aid bill to Ukraine, and congressional Democrats upped the price tag to $40 billion. Together with the first $13 billion, that is more than double the sum we spend on interest on the national debt.

So what is the GOP response? Yes, let’s get this done even faster, but our only objection is that it not be tethered to the $10 billion COVID bill. But that bill – which is a handout to Pfizer and Moderna, because, you know, they are quite poor – only bothers them because they want to use it as leverage to require Biden to keep Title 42 turnbacks at the border. They actually don’t oppose his COVID policy bills at all, just as they don’t oppose his Ukraine bill. And even with regard to the the border, Title 42 is kind of a tangential issue to the fact that our government is working with the cartels and that Republicans should demand that the $40 billion spent on Ukraine’s border be spent arming the Texas and Arizona National Guards against the cartels.

You see, Republicans, with all their feigned political combat against Democrats, will never fight the issue that matters, in the way it matters, and at the time it matters. In fact, when it actually matters, they are on the other side – not the side of America.

According to Roll Call, Sen. Lindsey Graham praised Biden for agreeing to split the COVID and Ukraine bills. “I don’t care, as long as the money is going to help the war cause,” he said. “It’s in our interest, defeating Putin is priceless.”

Yup, all the money, arms, and effort he would never put into defending Americans’ liberty from COVID fascism or our border from the cartels, he will use for Ukraine. The sky is the limit. He also called upon Russia to be designated as a state sponsor of terror, but of course no such call for designating the Mexican cartels that actually affect our security more than anything in the world.

Sen. Ben Sasse had no concerns about where this money is going and whether it is going to Hunter Biden’s extracurricular activities, such as the bioweapons facilities. No, everything in Ukraine is pristine and we “shouldn’t get bogged down in partisan politics.”

“This is really simple: If we want Ukraine to win, we need to continue to arm them to the teeth," he said. "A clean Ukraine bill will have the votes. Let’s get this done.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear that “we need to do it quickly."

“We all agree the most important thing going on in the world now is the war in Ukraine,” McConnell said at a press conference on Tuesday, announcing the bipartisan agreement with the president.

How is that for a bold contrast between the parties! Nothing here at home to worry about. But it’s worse than that. Their strategy for Ukraine is actually harming domestic policy.

Just hours after the text of the bill dropped on Tuesday, nearly three-quarters of the House Republicans joined every Democrat in approving the funding. Only 57 Republicans voted no.

As the central theme of their midterm election campaign, Republican leaders are decrying Bidenflation. However, they have supported nearly every major spending bill that has led to this inflation and have shown no sign of graduating to the next level of economic literacy. At a time of supply shortages, including in weaponry, they are sending stockpiles abroad to fuel a war in eastern Ukraine.

Moreover, so long as they fuel the war rather than bring about a solution that ends the fighting through Ukraine renouncing any future NATO membership and ceding the ethnic Russian areas, it will continue to exacerbate the pain of supply shortages across the globe. Imagine how many factories we could build for things like baby formula or fertilizer.

Instead, our funding is going to neo-Nazi nationalist groups that ran a “No to Capitulation” campaign against Zelenskyy’s own peace accord in 2019. Ironically, if not for the Azov Brigade we are now funding, there likely would have been no war.

Perhaps we can all self-identify as Ukrainians, and our Republican politicians will pay attention to those who’ve had their lives destroyed by Pfizer’s experimental gene therapy.
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