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Horowitz: Marco Rubio made the best point about this week’s chaos. Now he should look in the mirror.


Politicians like Rubio are exactly why we're here today

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Seldom has a politician diagnosed a problem more accurately and even clairvoyantly than Marco Rubio did on the Senate floor Wednesday night when he summed up the state of affairs in this country.

"Everybody in this country has lost their minds on politics," declared the senior senator from Florida. "And we have forgotten that America is not a government. America's not a president. America's not a Congress."

Listening to this, I was shouting amen!

"Let me tell you what America is," continued Rubio. "America is your family. America's your faith. America's your community. That's America. That's what our adversaries don't understand, and that's what we need to remember. That is how we're going to rebuild this country and turn the page and have a future even brighter than our past."

After that, I was so red-pilled, I felt like saying awoman!

Rubio is exactly right. In a constitutional republic, elections aren't even supposed to be the most important thing. Yes, if the leader from the other faction wins, he might conduct foreign policy in a way that you find repugnant or he might not share your values. Perhaps he might collect the garbage and build roads or spend money in a way you find to be imprudent or profligate. But in the American Republic we used to live in, he didn't rule over your lives, your business, your property, your family, your church, and your own bodily integrity.

That has all changed … thanks to politicians like Marco Rubio. There was a revolution, but it didn't occur on January 6, 2021; it occurred on March 16, 2020. That was the day we adopted "15 days to flatten the curve," which has turned into 15 centuries to flatten our lives, families, and communities. There has never been anything in the history of this country that has affected our family, faith, and communities more than the COVID fascism promoted by Rubio and all of his acolytes in the unibrow political class.

Thanks to Rubio and phony Republicans being complacent and downright complicit in the sacking of our Bill of Rights, we no longer have the most basic rights we took for granted. Indeed, thanks to Marco, America IS INDEED government. There is no way to escape it. We can't even have our kids in private schools, and in some places where we can, they must be abused by wearing a subjugation cloth on their own bodies for seven hours a day. We can't smile at each other. We can't be together with community. We can't even be together with family. There is no end in sight for these autocratic edicts, even after the forced vaccination passports.

One's house was once regarded as an American castle, where we can escape from national turmoil and be with family and do what we want. Rubio believes the Constitution is suspended because he can shout COVID in a crowded theater. Now we can be arrested for having family over for Thanksgiving or, thanks to the sadistic hatred of fellow mankind imbued in us by the government, a neighbor will snitch on us.

Rubio could not have been more precise when he suggested America is not government. But he should have used the past tense. America was not government. Now, there is not a single thing government cannot do to us under the guise of COVID, and they are just getting warmed up. Business owners are crushed to the benefit of the large corporations, people can't earn a living, the suicide crisis is so bad that it is now claiming preteen children. God save us.

The mere existence of our being is now criminalized. They have criminalized breathing free air, earning a living, schooling our children, playing together with friends and community (that Rubio referred to as defining America). They have criminalized happiness and life itself so that we not only can no longer live as Americans, we can't live with basic human rights. Studies have shown that even rats become severely depressed when socially isolated. What is being done to our seniors in nursing homes with solitary confinement is a crime against humanity.

The mask cult, despite the utter fecklessness of its Chinese cloth idol, is so strong that its leaders have shredded all ADA and OSHA considerations of safety and disabilities. They are shoving them on the faces of crying two-year-old children on airplanes, even though children are not in danger nor are they vectors of spread – even assuming these things would magically work after failing for nine months. A German study of 25,000 mask-wearing children found that 68% of the parents reported impairments in their children: irritability, 60%; headache, 53%; difficulty concentrating, 50%; less happiness, 49%; malaise, 42%; impaired learning, 38%; fatigue, 37%.

The lockdowns and forced muzzling of Americans is both the greatest strategic mistake of a civilization and the gravest crime against humanity perpetrated by government.

Indeed, America has not only become government; humanity itself has become government. Not only hasn't Rubio fought this, he declared, "Everyone should just wear a damn mask."

Now, let's put aside the fact that everyone has been wearing "a damn mask" for nine months in most places, except for his home state, which is doing better than most states with masks. More broadly, how can Rubio look us in the eye and tell us America is not government, when he is using government to control our own breathing in the most literal and personal sense?

The answer is as clear as it disquieting and downright chilling. As C.S. Lewis warned, "Those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." In his perverted elitist mind, everything the political class demands is exempted from constitutional constraints and doesn't count as control over our lives. In his mind, so long as we throw endless "stimulus" at people, they can live "freely."

After all, under Rubio's definition of faith, family, and community, America is not really about government, because our very essence is already controlled by it. Which is why were he to look in the mirror to examine the source of the acrimony in America today, he would only see his own mask.

Sen. Rubio, take a listen to what your own governor had to say about lockdowns:

THAT is what it looks like to decouple government from American life, faith, family, and community. THAT is what it looks like to have a Republican Party that provides an alternative to the Left that doesn't even involve Trump. Sadly, thanks to people like you, Ron DeSantis is just one in a hundred within the party. And that is exactly why we are at this precipice today.

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