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Horowitz: Why I’m now in favor of abolishing the police


Now that we only have mob rule, the police will be used against us

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The KKK would be proud. Their version of street justice and terrorizing jurors with threats worked splendidly in the Chauvin trial. Now that we only have mob rule, why even have police, who can only be used against We the People but not to defend us?

The standard of evidence in our post-constitutional mob rule is not "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt," but ensuring that Black Lives Matter doesn't come to the juror's house and lynch his family. That is essentially the message to America. If the political system, the media, and the street mobs want a conviction, they will get a conviction regardless of the evidence. However, this will reverberate far beyond the defendant himself.

Famed Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz is correct in asserting that what was done during this trial is akin to what the KKK did during the Jim Crow era. "It's borrowed precisely from the Ku Klux Klan of the 1930s and 1920s when the Klan would march outside of courthouses and threatened all kinds of reprisals if the jury ever dared convict a white person or acquit a black person," Dershowitz said in an interview with Newsmax.

However, where Dershowitz is wrong is that he thinks this conviction will be overturned on appeal. Show me the judge who will be willing to have his life destroyed by the new KKK mob justice. This will now happen with any white defendant — a cop or civilian — who has an altercation with someone who is black. Like the black defendants in the Jim Crow South, white defendants can no longer get a fair trial in America's major cities when the media and the elites turn it into a proxy for a race war.

We no longer have individual justice in America. We have mob rule incited by "the system" in pursuit of a transformational political agenda. The defendant in any case that is considered transformational — whether it's the case of George Floyd or of the Jan. 6 Capitol protesters — will be a human sacrifice for the greater cause. When the system makes a call for what it wants, that outcome will never be in doubt. The system gets what the system demands.

No serious person can believe that any sane juror would have placed principle over his own life and judged the evidence in this case properly. With the media, the president, and every state official gunning for a guilty verdict under the threat of doxing individual jurors, the outcome here was never in doubt. That should disturb us all, because this is not just about cops. It's about being on the wrong side of our two-tiered mob justice system.

It's the same reason why violent criminals are released without bail, while Jan. 6 protesters who didn't even commit a violent felony are held without bail. It's the same reason why every cop who shoots a citizen has his name released immediately except for the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt. It's the same reason why BLM is able to shut down streets with impunity and never get prosecuted, as it did yesterday, surrounding a truck:

In fact, the mob lynching of motorists at the hands of BLM is emblematic of why this is about so much more than the cops. Henceforth, the cops will sit back passively and not respond to volatile situations. That will precipitate a cascading cause and effect of violent criminals remaining on the streets even longer and becoming more emboldened to commit violence. Now, rather than the police being the first ones to interact with those criminals, guess who will do the heavy lifting? The civilians.

Now guess what happens when a white civilian is confronted by a black criminal and is forced to shoot him? You got it. Mob justice.

Which is why I have a novel idea going forward: Let's indeed abolish the police.

Believe me, I have no interest in anarchy. I want ordered liberty. But if the only option on the menu is anarchy for one side of the justice system, then by all means let's have complete anarchy for everyone, not anarcho-tyranny. Once the cops and the justice system will no longer punish and deter violent criminals and accept BLM as the rulers of our streets, then the only remaining function the police will serve is to arrest us when we are forced into a self-defense situation against BLM.

If we are going to be alone on the streets without proper police deterrent — which is essentially the current reality anyway — then yes, leave us alone. If the only purpose of the police is now to enforce COVID fascism or arrest someone who defends himself or does something the system views as criminal, then why have police? Remember, these two-bit dictator governors and mayors rely on the police to enforce their illegal and immoral edicts. Without a police force, they are nothing but a bunch of raving lunatics.

The reality is that they don't want the police abolished; they want police repurposed to enforce their own tyranny. Let's call their bluff and abolish them completely so that they can't be used against us, especially the big city police departments.

Moreover, we need to focus our attention away from defending the police to fortifying our own self-defense. State legislatures in red states need to tighten up self-defense laws so that mob justice can't do to civilians what it has already done to the police.

Let's completely abolish the city police departments and leave only the sheriff's departments in outlying areas. What you will see in America is that police have nothing to do with what ails our cities. It will bring the fight directly to the people without the police as the punching bags. Perhaps that is the only way to awaken the people from their slumber and force them to confront this corrupt system.
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