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Horowitz: Why the GOP vote on House rules is more important than the election

Taso Katopodis/Getty Images

November 8 is no longer the most important date on the calendar for conservatives. It’s the day after Election Day, along with the ensuing weeks, that will determine whether the incoming House majority fails like the previous eras of GOP control or whether it ushers in a new day in Washington.

At present, the outcome of this election is locked and loaded. Republicans will almost certainly win back the House, but even in the likely scenario they also win the Senate, they will not have 60 seats, nor will they have the presidency. Now it’s just a matter of which seats they win and exactly how many. In other words, whether this tyrannical government is stopped in its tracks is going to rest solely on the resolve of the House Republicans to hold the line on the issues that matter, in the way they matter, at the time and points of leverage that matter. This will all be determined in the week following the election, when the House Republicans vote to elect leadership and adopt the rules package governing the House next year. This is where conservatives need to pay attention, because absent any fundamental changes to the way House GOP leaders do business, the Republican House will be no better than during the John Boehner and Paul Ryan eras.

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