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The latest NBA-China fiasco unmasked the true agenda of America's 'woke' population — and it deserves to be mocked


Steve Kerr and his NBA buddies laid bare the nonsense of the progressive left

Photo by Yifan Ding/Getty Images

The goal of the woke is to hate whatever President Trump does because it's naturally the product of a bigoted and unbalanced mind, right?

Time to put that theory to the China test.

Because just last week we had Trump wishing that Communist paradise happy birthday via Twitter. A couple of months after he agreed to not engage the uprisings in Hong Kong against Chinese oppression.

So it stands to reason that woke propagandists would gladly charge into that genuinely buffoonish political opportunity to label the president as a friend of tyrants and celebrator of oppression. Yet they just couldn't bring themselves to do it.

In fact, they actually linked arms with Trump via their craven China fetish. There was Golden State Warriors basketball coach and woke counselor Steve Kerr this week, basically inviting himself to the White House and refusing to take a knee in the name of Hong Kong's freedom fighters. Yes, that Steve Kerr. The one who rarely misses an opportunity to remind you that he is better than you if you don't think exactly like him and stand willing to wallpaper North Carolina in mental illness and creepers.

Somehow, though, he is speechless now as the general manager of the Houston Rockets faces a backlash from China for publicly stating that the protesters in Hong Kong have the better part of the civic argument in that ongoing conflict over liberty. How could a man whose own father was murdered by political zealots so easily be bullied into rhetorical submission based on pushback from a nation with red in its ledger to the tune of millions dead and disappeared?

Especially when this puts him in the same company as Trump?

None of this makes any sense.

And when you've finally arrived at that realization, that's when you know you have a chance at fighting back against progressivism with a plan that actually works. You will understand that the Babylon Bee has it right, and that none of these fools need be reasoned with, only mocked and scorned for their hypocrisy and double-mindedness.

For none of this is really about Trump hatred specifically, or rigid adherence to a Utopian fixation with the future. Instead, it is always about hatred of the past and the current adherents of its most time-tested and honored traditions. This is iconoclasm in its purest form.

Those stained glass windows need to be broken, don't you know? Those walls need to come tumbling down. The church of old needs to be burned to ash because the past is for losers, and that impulse is so urgent in its adherents that it doesn't require identifying with any coherent or sustainable alternative for what can or will replace it. It only means automatically viewing you as lesser for daring to root yourself in truths formulated and fought for in the distant past.

That's the real bottom line. How else can a simple tweet of support from a basketball official almost no one has ever heard of before suddenly make Trump and Kerr bosom buddies on anything?

They hate you so much they will believe or unite with almost anything to deconstruct history. Yes, that's sad, but if you are paying close attention it is often hilarious as well.

So laugh at these fools, and laugh hard.

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