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Horowitz: NYC officials target Jewish business owner for COVID citation, while Biden supporters hold wild parties


Governing fraud

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There's election fraud, but then there's also governing fraud. Even if one legitimately wins an election, he cannot do whatever he wants to the citizenry. We live in a republic where the government is constrained by rules and cannot indiscriminately violate civil liberties. Yet that appears to have gone out the window in New York City, as Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio target Jewish-owned businesses.

You would think they'd be busy with the gang warfare in the city streets or the beatings in the subways, but a New York City sheriff's deputy was seen harassing a woman who owns a pottery shop in Brooklyn for supposed COVID violations. Yesterday, the local city councilman posted the video of the encounter with the following message:

Numerous videos have surfaced on the internet in recent days showing Jewish business owners and schools in Cuomo's "red zone" of "certain zip codes" Brooklyn being harassed by law enforcement and accused, often wrongly, of violating his latest arbitrary edict.

Perhaps there is something more insidious about the targeting of those zip codes:

The problem with those business owners is that they are not throwing Biden celebration parties with marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs. That would be lauded as the highest form of democratic expression.

Folks, this is the governing fraud on display before your eyes. In some ways, this is a more dangerous form of cheating than even dead people voting. In a constitutional republic, we shouldn't have to worry about our lives being at stake based on the results of an election, even if one side cheats to achieve their electoral win. Now we all have to fear this sort of sickening double standard on civil liberties in Kamala Harris' America. This is an America where criminal is victim, illegal alien is citizen, man is woman, income is welfare, and welfare is income. This is not a part of the sacred document that was signed in 1787.

We are not the ones who badly want our guy in the Oval Office as much as the other side wants their man. We think most decisions should be up to local authority and that certain policies are off-limits and out of constitutional bounds. It is the other side that seeks to dominate us by shutting down our houses of worship, schools, businesses, and even our own mouths and noses.

Meanwhile, as government does everything that it is constitutionally prohibited from doing, it refuses to protect us from criminals. My entire neighborhood in Baltimore County is being ravaged by carjackers, as criminals have become emboldened by the anti-prison stance of the Democrat Party. Now that they know prison is only reserved for someone opening a business or not wearing a mask, they feel they can terrorize neighborhoods with impunity because, after all, they are usually wearing masks when committing their dastardly deeds.

Folks, this is about a lot more than just election fraud. It's about governing fraud that makes King George look like James Madison. Indeed, the great revolution was fought over much less. The tyranny under King George wasn't that bad precisely because the Patriots didn't let the usurpations deteriorate to the point of debilitating their ability to militate against them. As John Adams so presciently warned in 1774, "Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud, is the only maxim which can ever preserve the liberties of any people." Sadly, we've allowed those buds of tyranny to blossom ever so strongly. The question for us: Is it too late?
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