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Thank you, veterans. For everything.

Photo by Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images

Thank you.

You did what most of us didn't, wouldn't, or couldn't do. You willingly and selflessly offered to put your life on the line for, well, everybody.

Thank you for your willingness offer yourself as a sacrifice for all of us.

Thank you for the time you were separated from your spouses, kids, parents, and loved ones.

Thank you for the blood and sweat you put into preparing to be the best of the best — and then put into action when called on to perform at the highest levels.

Thank you for enduring lousy living conditions so we could enjoy our homes.

Thank you for volunteering to take on terrible work environments so we could go to our jobs in peace.

Thank you for giving up vacation time so we could hit the beach.

Thank you for pulling up stakes every couple of years while we all put down roots.

Thank you for traveling thousands of miles routinely so the rest of us can freely walk a couple of blocks to a church or to a protest.

Thank you for being willing to kill so we don't have to.

You laid it all on the line and held nothing back. All because you cared more about us than you did about yourself.

No greater love has any man than this.

So, from your friends at TheBlaze: Thank you — for everything. We love you back.

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