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Too many 'conservatives' just want the Trump show and don't really care about getting results

'You're all just wasting your time'

Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

You're all just wasting your time.

Oh, I would rather that not be so. But Hillary Clinton is still sending emails, while Jeffrey Epstein still didn't kill himself. Michael Cohen is in prison, and Michael Flynn hasn't been pardoned. While rape hoaxers, collusion hoaxers, and "deep state" fiends face the pernicious comeuppance of lucrative book deals and celebrity status on cable news.

So let me repeat myself: You're all just wasting your time.

Nothing is going to come of the DOJ Inspector General report. Just like we don't know the motive of the Vegas shooting, but we would if that shooting fit the progressive narrative. Just like the Pensacola shooter is now not a terrorist, but a triggered victim of a pornstache putdown. Just like Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit suicide on the night the video surveillance equipment in a high security federal prison just so happened to malfunction.

The president of the United States is the victim of a clumsy coup attempt. He has responded with all the authoritarian vengeance of the dictator he's accused of being. See that as whiny tweets about witch hunts and FISA abuses, which by the way he has jurisdiction over exposing and confronting as the commander in chief. But while he doth protest too much, he actually doesn't do a damned thing about it. Meanwhile, Attorney General Bill Barr gives provocative speeches and interviews about threats to the culture and the constitution. Yet he does nothing about it, too.

I don't know precisely why that's the case, and it wouldn't be if I had a say in the matter, but it is what it is.

On second thought, maybe I do know why that's the case after all. Because too many of you reading this will attack me for telling you this truth, rather than demand action from those doing absolutely nothing. Too many of you reading this would prefer I stroke Trump's ego rather than demand he drain the swamp that hates him and you. Furthermore, you'll continue your canards and excuses why Trump can't do anything about this, like the media won't let him. The very discredited media he beat to win the presidency in the first place, of course.

I'm not sure why too many of you are like this. Why you prefer the cable news talking points to actual action, and kvetching tweets to actual policy, but it is what it is.

The left is conducting a hostile takeover of our civilization in broad daylight, corrupting and co-opting every meaningful institution in the country. Our answer is to meme. It appears we'd rather post about the "deep state" on Facebook than do anything about it.

By the way, if you have to ask, this is about you. Those of you that are offended by me pointing this out only confirm its accuracy with your offense. For when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit.

When I was on the Cruz campaign during the 2016 primary, I was crushed to see so much of our base not support the proven conservative in the race. The one who had raised the money and built the organization to win. The one who had proven his commitment to the conservative cause in both the Supreme Court and the Senate, while Trump was writing checks to Al Sharpton. It took me some time to fully recover from that campaign, in the interest of full disclosure, because some of the same people that preferred Trump in that primary were from my own audience.

When I asked them why, they said it's because Trump would challenge the system in ways that Cruz would not. That a real outsider was needed. Maybe they even thought that was why, but the truth is far more simple yet unfortunate.

They didn't want the very culture war they're constantly talking about. They wanted the show. They wanted to watch Fox News talk about a culture war they had no plans, let alone the balls, to wage. They wanted to own the Marxists with snark, rather than drive them out of the halls of power. That's why they preferred Trump. And it's why there will be no coordinated effort either from Conservative Inc. or too many of you to demand Trump/Barr continue the indictments and arrests until morale improves. Too many of you don't have the balls to take these leftists on, sitting on your asses while your daughters are replaced by mentally ill men in mascara at the state track meet — and neither does Trump.

Those who just wanted the show sought out the showman. Game recognize game.

Are you not entertained?

One last thing…
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