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'What has Glenn Beck done to you?' Chad Prather tears into those wishing death on the unvaccinated

Chad Prather

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck announced recently that he had the Omicron variant of COVID. Soon after Glenn's news hit, Twitter did what it does best - demonstrated the worst that humanity offers.

Beck contracted COVID-19 at the beginning of the pandemic — back when there was not a vaccine available — and still has antibodies in his system as a result. Together with other health-related factors, Beck and his doctor decided a vaccine posed enough risk for him not to get vaccinated. Beck's unvaccinated status, of course, sent the pro-vaccine-mandate lunatics on Twitter into a frenzy.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Chad Prather Show," Chad tore into Twitter commenters and posed a simple question: What has Glenn Beck done to you?

"So tell me, what it is that Glenn Beck did to you for you to wish death on him and his family?" Chad asked. He then proceeded to tear into the small-minded guttersnipes for their classless behavior.

These are the same people who years ago fought for civil rights and get rid of segregation are now wanting to come after people and undo everything that was done," Chad said.

Watch the clip to hear more from Chad. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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