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Biden walks back 'middle ground' climate proposal after AOC attacks

Deneen Borelli

Democrats are eating their own —again

Image source: Deneen Borelli video screenshot

In this episode of "Here's the Deal," host Deneen Borelli highlighted how far-left Democrats are using climate change scare tactics to force others in their party, particularly the 2020 presidential hopefuls, further to the "radical left."

"Radical Democrats want climate change policy be a top priority in the 2020 presidential race, and boy, they've got it with the Green New Deal," Deneen said. "The Green New Deal sets the environmental bar so high that Democrats failing to support it are going to feel the heat from the radical left."

Deneen noted former Vice President and 2020 candidate Joe Biden's recent push for a "middle ground" climate change stance, which resulted in "all heck" breaking loose.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) blasted Biden's middle-of-the-road agenda.

"There is no 'middle ground' when it comes to climate policy. If we don't commit to fully transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels, we will doom future generations. Fighting climate change must be our priority, whether fossil fuel billionaires like it or not," Sanders tweeted.

Ocasio-Cortez joined the Twitter attack, writing, "There is no 'middle ground' w/ climate denial & delay ... We're not going to solve the climate crisis w/ this lack of leadership. Our kids' lives are at stake."

And she didn't stop there. "I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act are going to try to come back today and say we need a middle of the road approach to save our lives," Ocasio-Cortez asserted at a rally Monday night.

In response, Biden apparently caved to the criticism and called for a "green revolution."

"We have an existential threat, we are in a situation where if we don't act quickly, we're going to basically lose almost everything we have," Biden said. " And that's exactly the case. It's even more urgent now."

"Looks like Democrats are eating their own — again," Deneen said.

Watch the video below for more from Deneen:

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