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The public education system should teach kids how to obtain a job not how to be PC

Graham Allen
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On Monday's episode of "Dear America," Graham Allen discussed why he does not send his kids to school to learn about political correctness but instead he sends them to school to learn and obtain the skills required to get a job.

Political correctness, morality, sexual orientation, sexuality in general, that is my job. Stop teaching my kids LGBTQ history because I do not care. Why? If you want to teach that, then make prayer a priority in school as well. Make the Pledge of Allegiance a real thing. Every single kid should have to stand up every single morning with their hand over their heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Because those of you who have a problem with it say that this is a bigoted country are the same people that push to have this gay and lesbian history taught in school.

He later added that parents must teach their kids to be independent of their public education and stressed the importance of parents not being their kids' friend but instead, be their parents.

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