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RANT: Abortion is wrong. You are selfish.

Graham Allen
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In his latest video, "Rant Nation" host Graham Allen went on a rant about a Twitter battle he'd just had.

Graham said he'd commented on a tweet by actress Alyssa Milano, and one of Milano's followers had replied to his comment and called him a "typical white man who will never have to worry about rape or incest." The Twitter user went on to express the feminist view that men should not have a say in choices made by women and their bodies.

Allen explained that any woman who has claimed to be a feminist could not possibly stand for women when the movement has consistently advocated for the killing of innocent baby girls.

"Hey, Hollywood and the left, abortions are selfish, and that makes you selfish!! Don't come at me with 0.5 to 1.5 percent of why abortions happen to justify what you want. Babies' lives matter," he said.

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