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Sara Gonzales: Lena Dunham just TRAUMATIZED America with 'female desire' dance video

Sara Gonzales

'The song WAP is not normalizing female desire'

Image source: BlazeTV video screenshot

Lena Dunham, writer and star of "Girls," is the latest celebrity to give props to the raunchy new music video from rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's song "WAP." (We'll leave it to Google to tell you what the initials WAP stands for.)

WAP has been making headlines since its record-breaking debut on YouTube earlier this month, sparking both outrage and admiration for its sexually explicit (some would say pornographic) content. Dunham apparently decided to show her support by posting a video of herself dancing along to the song in a white swimsuit emblazoned with the word "sex."

"You cannot listen to #WAP and not just want to shake it/celebrate the normalization of female desire!! Go off @iamcardib and @theestallion!! #QuarantineBop in my Sex suit by my beloved @christopherkane," Dunham wrote.

"Lena Dunham traumatized all of us on social media today by dancing to the song by the ever-classy Cardi B," said BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales of Dunham's video.

"But what I would really like to drive home here is how disingenuous the term normalizing and celebrating 'female desire' is. I'm sorry, the song WAP is not normalizing female desire ... it's just encouraging women to be whores," she added. "That's just trashy. It's gross. Stop it."

Watch the video below for more:

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