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'Time for an explanation': Steven Crowder opens up to fans after weeks of 'radio silence'

Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder opened up Monday after three weeks of "radio silence" and shared personal details about why his show had been on pause.

"Twins, major lawsuit, heart problem," Crowder began.

Twins: If you followed the program last year, then you know about the miscarriage he and his wife suffered. Fast-forward to present day, the Crowders almost lost their unborn twins. After the close call with the current pregnancy, Crowder took some time off to focus his attention at home.

Major lawsuit: Crowder hinted at a major lawsuit he is poised to file that aims at Big Tech on the matter of censorship.

"Big Tech thinks they are undefeated because nothing has happened [with past lawsuits]," Crowder said.

He assured his fans that by the end of this year, Big Tech would no longer have an undefeated record. Stay tuned for more details.

Heart problem: The primary reason Crowder took extra time off was due to the accidental discovery of a serious heart problem.

"I had what i thought were panic attacks ... and I have had panic attacks throughout my life but I can count them on one hand and could trace them to reasons for why I was having them," Crowder said.

To hear more about Crowder's heart problem, watch the video. Until now, Crowder chose to not to disclose details about his health until he had more information to offer.

What else? Crowder teased that he will be adding new voices to his program and assured his fans of what is to come this year when "Louder with Crowder" returns on Feb. 1: "Look, I can promise you this, that chair, that desk, that is where I want to be. That is where I am going to be. And behind the scenes ... fill your hands ... because we are coming for all of it."

Watch the video for more. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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