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Phil Robertson: New York Senate CHEERED the murder of babies

Phil Robertson

'There is no difference between hatred and murder, not one'

Image source: Facebook.com/INTHEWOODSWITHPHIL screenshot

On Friday's "In the Woods with Phil," Phil Robertson discussed his disapproval of New York state legislators who cheered as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed a bill that will allow the murder of babies after 24 weeks. Meanwhile, the left-wing media crucified a group of Covington Catholic High School teens for just standing there, and in some instances, shared social media posts that called for the death of the Catholic teens.

"There's no difference between hatred and murder, not one. It's the same," said Robertson, a reality TV star on the popular television series, "Duck Dynasty."

About the bill

The Reproductive Health Act passed by the New York Legislature and signed by Cuomo will allow a woman to abort her baby after 24 weeks. Cases that involve illegal abortion will now be heard in civil court instead of criminal court due to the state of New York's decision to move illegal abortion case law from criminal law to public health law. Watch the video above for details. Want more Phil Robertson? Click here to sign up.

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