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Planned Parenthood pres bashes Trump admin for 'forcibly removing' children. She gets destroyed with fact check.


Zero self-awareness

Image source: Getty Creative

Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen found herself on the wrong side of irony recently — and conservatives were quick to note her hypocrisy and glaring lack of self-awareness.

What did she say?

Wen, who took control of Planned Parenthood after Cecile Richards stepped down last April, tweeted Friday that "forcibly removing a child from their parent or guardian can cause lifelong physical and emotional harm to the child's well-being."

Ironically, Wen was referring to the health risks associated with separating migrant children from their parents, a common occurance at the southern border when migrants illegally enter the U.S. with children.

What was the response?

The irony of Wen's comments was not lost on everyone else.

Seeing that Wen leads an organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of abortions annually — which many people believe is the forcible removal of an unborn child leading to the unborn child's death — Wen was raked over the coals for her obvious lack of self-awareness.

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