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A happy ending during Tropical Storm Harvey -- this storm chaser reunited a dog and his family

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Amateur storm chaser Aaron Jayjack got more than unbelievable footage when he set out to document Tropical Storm Harvey this weekend. He also got to reunite a family when one of its members got scared and lost.

Cash the dog made his way out of his kennel and to a gas station where Jayjack happened to be filling up his Jeep. The terrified creature followed him and then jumped into his vehicle. Before he knew the dog’s real name, he dubbed him Harvey in honor of the natural disaster that brought them together.

Jayjack told Mike Opelka on today’s “Pure Opelka” that he took the dog to see if he had a microchip, but none was discovered when he was scanned. That’s when the storm chaser – who at that point had been trying to get back to his own dogs – took to social media to find the owners.

Within a few hours, Cash was reunited with his family in Runge, Texas. Jayjack drove the dog back to be with them before continuing on to his own canine family.

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