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A mom is furious after a bus driver reportedly made an unexpected stop taking kids home

Alex Wong/Getty Images

A bus driver reportedly stopped while driving kids home from school so she could grab some breadsticks from Little Caesar’s, and a Michigan mom is understandably upset.

Earlier this month, Bethann Rey’s son and daughter were heading home from school when their bus driver stopped at a pizza place and left them alone with the engine running, she told WXYZ, an ABC affiliate in Detroit.

According to her kids, the driver stopped for some cheesy breadsticks at a Little Caesar’s in Ferndale, Michigan. Rey’s 12-year-old son told WXYZ that the bus was left running with the door open.

Keith Malinak had the story as part of the day’s headlines, while Doc Thompson was horrified by the bus driver’s choice for a pizza run on Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

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