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Alan Dershowitz has been hired by Muslim group to find alternative to female genital mutilation

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Alan Dershowitz believes he has found a solution to the West's horror at female genital mutilation (FGM) and Sharia requirements to keep girls "honorable." He proposed in the New York Times a pin prick sort of procedure, akin to an ear piercing, to satisfy religious freedom.

The famous attorney has been hired by Dawat-e-Hadiyah to consult, in his words, on the less invasive procedure. The NYT previously reported that he was hired to defend the Michigan doctors who are being tried for performing FGM on at least eight girls, and possibly more than a hundred, since 2005.

On this weekend's "Reform This!" Dr. Zuhdi Jasser was astonished that Dershowitz would choose to defend misogyny to any degree, calling it a "bizarre turn."

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