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‘All Saints’ actress shares why the new film about a church helping refugees is so powerful

Doc Thompson
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John Corbett stars as the pastor of a struggling Tennessee church in the “All Saints” film that premiered this weekend. Comedian Chonda Pierce joined Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about the new movie, which is now playing in theaters.

Variety called Corbett’s performance a “career-highlight” and praised director Steve Gomer for a “well-crafted faith-based film is affecting without undue heartstring-yanking, almost entirely saccharine-free and, perhaps most impressively, not entirely predictable.”

Pierce, who plays Ruth in the film about a tiny church community that comes together to help refugees, talked about the movie’s insightful perspective on helping your neighbor and what it can teach us during a tumultuous time. We tend to think that relief efforts mean being a missionary to third-world countries where people are in need, but the question the movie asks is “what do you do when they show up at your back door?” Pierce said.

“If you watch the news every day … it’s just nothing but doom and gloom,” Pierce said. “It's good every now and then to escape, and this is one of those movies you go and escape and you go, ‘Wait a minute, these people are getting it right, and I can be a better citizen.’”

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