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Bill Murray shamelessly stumps for Obamacare

Pat and Stu

Actor Bill Murray paid a visit to the Oval Office to chat with President Obama, and along the way the conversation turned to Obamacare. Their exchange became a glorified celebrity spokesperson commercial for the Affordable Health Care, and the blatant politicking made Pat Gray feel embarrassed for both of them. Jeff Fisher reminds the guys that the video they had just watched was from a couple of years ago, and Pat claims he loves Bill Murray but that the clip almost ruined the actor for him.

"I love the part where he (President Obama) says, 'You know you don't have to go without health insurance.' Oh I don't? Is that because you've legally required me to purchase it, is that why I don't have to go without it?" Stu asks sarcastically. "Is that because you'll fine me with large amounts of money if I don't buy it?"

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