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Dallas officials say all 156 of the city’s sirens were hacked

Pat and Stu
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Remember when sirens were going off in Dallas for reasons unknown? Two weekends ago, city sirens were waking up residents, who had no idea why they were going off. On Friday's "Pat & Stu," the guys talked about the latest update to the story. According to Dallas officials, the city’s sirens were hacked that night, with all 156 of the sirens activated more than a dozen times.

All Dallas emergency management can say is that the sirens were activated by “someone outside the system,” Pat Gray said, sarcastically adding, “That helps. Right on top of this thing.” He pointed out that any attempts to find the hacker will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Stu Burguiere noted that the incident is a reminder of “how vulnerable we are” when it comes our systems being hacked.

Pat brought up another safety issue in Dallas: the 911 system. Sometimes there aren’t enough people answering emergency calls, so the phone can ring and ring without an answer. The lack of personnel for 911 calls probably made the strange sirens that much more frightening.

“A lot of people were probably scared out of their minds,” Pat said.

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