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Former transgender who transitioned back: I’m ‘quite comfortable’ with who I am

Glenn Beck
You Tube / Walt Heyer

A man who went through hormone therapy and surgery in order to live as a transgender woman later deeply regretted his decision and embarked on a journey to rediscover himself as a man.

Walter Heyer, a former transgender person who completed a male-to-female transition and now lives as a man again, joined Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to share his story.

His struggle with gender identity began when he was a young child and his grandmother secretly made him a purple chiffon dress for him to wear when she babysat him. Because he was praised and admired for acting like a girl, he began to associate those positive things with another person: Christal. Being sexually abused by his uncle and enduring other trauma as a child only took him further away from a healthy attitude toward sex and gender identity.

“I kept thinking I was in the wrong body, and I should change to be a female,” Heyer said.

Today, Heyer is an advocate for transgender regret, urging people not to undergo irreversible surgeries that won’t fix their problems and mentoring people who regret transitioning.

“I’m working with transgenders who want to de-transition after they found out, as I did, that it was not effective or proper treatment for things that happened during early childhood,” Heyer said. “You know, I’m quite comfortable for who I am as Walt today.”

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