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Glenn: World War III is already under way

Glenn Beck
Hacker using laptop. Hacking the Internet. (scyther5/gettyimages)

Glenn Beck had some sobering thoughts on Russia-U.S. relations and cyber warfare on Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

On Friday, the Pentagon announced plans to protect the U.S. electric grid in the event that North Korea or Iran attempts to destroy it through a cyber attack or nuclear missile. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has ordered the creation of an alternate communications network in case the grid is fried.

Glenn warned that Americans won’t be able to handle the bleak landscape that would result if we lose our electric grid. Unlike countries such as Russia and China, Americans are accustomed to having essentials like groceries and electricity.

“We lose that war. Russians are used to not having anything in their supermarket; Russians are used to being cold in the winter.”

Glenn also pointed out that thanks to medical care, many people are able to keep living when that wouldn’t have been possible before. Access to medical care keeps people with diabetes and blood pressure issues alive.

While it’s positive that the U.S. government is finally taking real steps to protect the power grid and prepare for cyber warfare, it should have been done years ago, Glenn noted:

“You will look up one day and see a giant explosion way above you. … If that ever happens, don’t go to the television or the radio to tell you what’s going on because anything with a silicon chip in it is gone forever.”

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