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Guess which Clinton thinks films should be rated based on their defiance of 'gender stereotypes

Mike Opelka
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Democrats have a long history of busy-body moves that affect American commerce. Tipper Gore's Parents Music Resource Center inadvertently drove up sales of "offensive" music, and a gender-role-defiance rating system endorsed by Chelsea Clinton may have a similar effect.

Yes, the former first daughter says the United States needs to rate films based on whether or not the characters exemplify progressive gender roles. She cheered non-profit Common Sense Media's efforts to develop such a ratings system on Twitter.

The Economist reported on CSM's reasoning:

"Films designed for early childhood (between the ages of two and six) should depict boys and girls as friends and equals. By the time of early adolescence (between 11 and 13), films must demonstrate that worth is based on more than just physical beauty."

This seems more like a discussion parents and children should have together, and much less like a basis for categorizing and rating film. Mike Opelka concluded on Tuesday's "Pure Opelka," noting, "This is pure indoctrination. This is pure propaganda. This is pure social engineering."

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