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Has our education system become an 'indoctrination' system?

Mike Opelka
(John Moore/Getty Images)

Mike Opelka laments the state of education in America, calling our school system an "indoctrination" system and pining for the days when curricula were more well-rounded.

"In many places where school budgets were crunched, we stopped teaching art, and we stopped teaching music and theater," Mike says. "We stopped outdoor recreation and we wondered why kids got fat and bored and illiterate."

Mike then facetiously suggests we send all of America's schoolchildren to prison until their 18th birthday rather than putting them through our education system. That way, they would avoid sugary snacks and would be in excellent physical shape from all the mandatory exercise.

Mike reports that his suggestion was meant as a joke, but he started considering his proposal more seriously after reading a recent story on TheBlaze about a Maryland teacher who was fired for correcting a student's spelling on Twitter.

"(Maryland is) not exactly my favorite state in the union," Mike admits.

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