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Here's how WH staffers go the extra mile daily to keep Trump in good spirits


Are White House staffers feeding President Trump positive propaganda? According to a report by Vice, staffers are feeding the president “propaganda documents.” The documents consist of positive news clippings and images of the president in order to eliminate all self-doubt and keep the president in good spirits.

Republican National Committee staffers with the help of White House staffers gather the packet of “good news” documents daily, and when there’s a shortage of positive news headlines, staffers gather flattering images of the president instead, particularly images in which the president looks powerful.

Today on “Pat and Stu,” the guys discussed the staffer’s tactics in keeping the president happy and confident.

“This is his protection mechanism against self-examination,” said Stu Burguiere referencing a book about the president.

“One of his former staffers says, ‘Maybe it’s good for the country that the president is in a good mood every morning.' Apparently, that’s the purpose of it,” said Pat Gray.

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