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Holding the pres hostage? Demanding a professor fired? What is going on at Evergreen State College?

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Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington keeps finding itself in the news for its radical take on correct self expression. This time, students have demanded the firing of biology professor Bret Weinstein for not staying home during their day without white people.

They also held their college president George Bridges hostage to get him meet a list of demands, including the firing of Weinstein. They escorted him to the bathroom when he needed to go and told him not to use his hands when he spoke, as his gestures were interpreted as microaggressions.

Bridges has promised to expand campus police training, not to deal with students who are hostile to administrators of faculty, but to attain greater sensitivity to student issues.

On "The Mike Slater Show" this weekend, Mike Slater said the students sounded "brainwashed."

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