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How do you plan to invite llamas over?


Cam Edwards and Miss E caught up on emails from fellow farmers, including one who would like to bring his llamas to visit, on this week’s episode of “40 Acres & a Fool.”

Their friend Greg has a new llama named Reepicheep and wanted to share the news with Cam and Miss E. They talked about the logistics of llamas possibly coming over to their farm for a visit and wondered what inspires people when they name their animals.

“I’m sure we can find a good occasion to bring up the llamas,” Cam said.

Miss E remembered getting to take one of Greg’s llamas for a walk during a recent visit.

“There is no way to walk an alpaca or a llama down a main street in Virginia without drawing attention,” Cam said.

Another friend had some good advice for making whipped cream: Use baker’s or caster sugar instead of confectioner’s sugar, which has added constarch to prolong shelf life. Miss E talked about where she’s been able to find the more obscure product as well as how to make caster sugar at home if you can’t find it in the store.

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