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ISIS has been defeated in Mosul -- where will they go next?

Glenn Beck

Iraq has declared victory over the Islamic State in the city of Mosul after nearly nine months of bloody conflict in the country’s second-largest city. While ISIS seems to be in retreat, there’s a lot more to the story. Glenn Beck explained what Russia, Syria and Iran appear to want as well as what decisions the U.S. military will need to make very soon on Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

“We have cut them off and [ISIS is] in full-fledged retreat,” Glenn gave the positive news about Mosul.

Despite the good news, Iraq is celebrating a hard-won victory: the conflict with ISIS left Mosul in ruins and thousands of people dead. Known for horrifying human rights violations and ruthlessness, ISIS forces didn’t draw the line at destroying a place of worship, recently blowing up the landmark Grand al-Nuri Mosque in a last act of defiance.

ISIS extremists believe that Muslims practicing Shiite Islam will “desecrate” mosques by worshipping in them, so part of their mission is to destroy them before that can happen, Glenn explained.

The U.S. next needs to decide which allies to stand with in the complex Middle Eastern conflict. “We’ve been all fighting Russia, Syria and the Iranians,” Glenn said. “The Iranians want a collapse of Syria as well” so they can establish their caliphate through Syria up to Turkey, he explained.

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