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Kong: Skull Island is bigger than you think


TheBlaze's Andrew Herzog writes a few words about Kong: Skull Island:

Back in 2014, Warner Bros. released what seemed to be another reboot, something I'm always complaining about. I can't tell you enough how sick I am of reboots and sequels. Rarely does Hollywood pleasantly surprise me anymore.

However, I was wrong.

The 2014 film Godzilla was better than I was expecting, but only because I had low expectations to begin with. That being said, I heard rumors ever since that there'd be a Godzilla 2 around the corner and I was excited to hear this! Hollywood got me this time.

Then several weeks ago, Warner Bros. released the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island and I really thought nothing about it. As far as I was concerned, it looked like a slightly-more-interesting take on King Kong than the 2005 King Kong from Peter Jackson.

Once again, I was wrong.

After seeing the second Kong trailer I did some research and what I found was very interesting.

Apparently, Warner Bros. is combining these two mega monsters! King Kong and Godzilla will meet head-to-head in 2020 and I'm looking forward to that. I had no idea up until a few days ago that Warner Bros. wasn't just 'rebooting' some movies, but in fact laying the foundation for a monster series.

Who would've guessed? Hollywood had an ace up its sleeve to pull me back into the theaters.

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